4th of July events!

Join us this Saturday, July 4 for the Club’s biggest annual party. Events get under way at 9:30 am with a Family Tennis Morning. All skill levels are welcome.

Ride your bike to the Club and don’t forget to decorate it patriotically! At 11:30, we will meet in the parking lot by the basketball goal and judge which bikes are decorated the best. (Fun prizes will be awarded.) Then cruise on your bike down Harpeth River Drive for a short bike parade. At the conclusion of the parade at noon, a Brentwood fire truck will greet us in the Club parking lot. 

Then head back to the pool for new pool games and old favorites. Andy Benedict, Mr. Big Time Healthy, returns again as our Master of Ceremonies. Pool games start at noon. Adults, be prepared to participate in the Fastest Swimmers Contest! Kids, practice your techniques for staking out which soda you want for the Coke Dive!

At 3:15, join us in the soccer field for the ever-popular shaving cream fight. Bring your own can (or 3 cans) of shaving cream. (*See instructions below on how to prep your can prior to the battle.) And to conclude the day’s celebration, a Brentwood fire truck will return to the Club at 3:30 to hose us down with ice cold water directly from the hydrant. Special note: please do not park on Harpeth River Drive from the East Club entrance to half way down the length of the soccer field. You will be asked to move your car as the fire truck will need to park in this area in order to have access to the fire hydrant.

We are expecting a large crowd for Saturday’s party. Due to the number of families anticipated, floats will not be allowed in the pool. Additionally, please be considerate of other members around you. We understand that inadvertent stray balls and misguided water gun sprays occasionally happen, but we ask you as the parents to remain vigilant with your child’s behavior. Please note that the Lifeguards will be monitoring the activities in and around the pool and have the authority to redirect inappropriate behavior. Help us maintain a fun and safe environment for all of our Club members.

Come early and stay all day at the Club! The celebration is free for members and $10 per guest.

*Instructions for prepping your shaving cream can:

Straighten out a paper clip. Stick the straightened clip in the nozzle of the shaving cream. Use a lighter to melt the nozzle of the can so that it shrinks around the pin. A little pin hole in the nozzle will shoot the cream far. Pull the pin out and get ready for some shaving cream fun!