Question: Can I pay with cash, credit card or debit card at the grill or do I have to charge grill purchases to my member account?
Answer:  You may pay at the grill with cash, credit card or debit card.  You may also charge grill purchases to your member account if you provide your name and member number.  Children must be able to tell the grill employees their parents’ first and last names and member number.

Question: Who do I contact if I have a complaint about something I ordered at the grill?
Answer: Our grill is managed by Shawn Maloney ( ) and Tiffany Hulsey (   You may contact either of these managers if you have a question or concern about a grill order.

Question: How do I reserve the clubhouse or soccer field for a party?  Is there a charge for that?
Answer: Please reserve clubhouse online at Members Only. For questions during the summer months, please contact our Summer Club Manager, Bill Woodcock at .  For questions during the rest of the year, contact our Director of Tennis, Andy Veal at  Our policies regarding reservations can be found here


Question:  I think there is an incorrect charge on my statement.  Who can resolve this?
Answer: If your question is about how a tennis charge is calculated, please contact the Head Tennis Pro, Andy Veal at  If you think a charge has been charged to your member number in error or there is a grill charge you are disputing, please contact our Club Accountant Amy Brothers, at

Question:  I gave a check to one of the tennis pros when I took a tennis lesson but there is no record of that lesson or that check on my monthly statement.
The only items included on your monthly statement are lessons charged to your member number and payments you have made on your account.  If you pay directly for a lesson, that lesson will not be billed to your member number.  The check will be turned in to the Club Accountant and deposited but it will not be shown on your statement. 

Question: When I pay one of the tennis pros for a lesson, to whom should I write the check?
Answer: Please write all checks to Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club, not to the pro.

Question: Can I just leave my payments at the pro shop or should I mail them in?
Answer: The safest way to pay your bill is to send your check to Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club, PO Box 215, Brentwood, TN 37027 or sign up for monthly ach transactions.  Do not just leave checks lying around the pro shop.  Also, please do not bring your check to the home of our Club Accountant.  For safety, please send all payments to the PO Box.

Question: Can I pay my monthly bill with my credit card?
Answer: In order to keep costs down for our members, we use the ach transaction processing system which directly debits your bank account.  The fee for using this method is much lower than paying credit card transaction processing fees and helps us keep membership dues lower.  If you would like to pay your balance via ach transaction on the 15th of each month, please complete the form which can be found at … Credit card payments are accepted by our grill operator and by our swim team website as these are operated by outside services.  You may make a payment via paypal on our website under the membership tab, however, there is a 3% fee for using that method.

Question: Now that the pool season is over, we have decided we want to drop our membership since we didn’t use the pool that much.  Can we resign right now or do we have to pay dues through the end of the year?
Answer: Your membership is an annual, calendar year membership.  You may pay your dues all at once or over twelve months, but you are responsible for paying the annual membership dues in full before resigning.  

Tennis Questions

Question: My child participated in the junior tennis program last month.  Can you explain how the junior tennis clinic charges are calculated?
Please contact our Director of Tennis, Andy Veal, at  for more information about how your tennis charges are calculated.

Question: There is a charge on my statement for a tennis lesson, but I did not participate on that date or I think the amount may be incorrect.  Who should I contact?
Answer: Please contact the pro who gave you’re your lesson or our Head Tennis Pro, Andy Veal, at  for more information.

Question: My child would like to participate in the junior tennis program.  Can you tell me about the program, the schedule and the cost of participation?
Answer: See the junior tennis section of our web page. Any additional questions about tennis please contact our Director of Tennis, Andy Veal at  

Swimming and Pool-Related Questions

Please see the Swim Team FAQs under the Swim Team section.  

Question: I would like to register my child for swim lessons.  How do I do that?
Please visit our website page which explains the group swim lesson program.  If you have further questions or would like to schedule private lessons, please contact our Head Swim Coach, Brenda Vroon, at

Question: When is the pool open?
The pool schedule is listed on our website. If you would like to receive weather alerts to let you know if the pool is closed because of the weather, sign up at….

Question: Do you have to be a member of Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club to participate in the swim team or dive team?
Yes, you must be a member of the club to be a member of the swim or dive team.  To find out about how to join Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club, please visit How to Join

Question: Do the lifeguards work for Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club?  Who should I talk to if I have a concern about safety or cleanliness of the pool?
The lifeguards are employees of Greater Nashville Pool Management Company (GNPM).  If you have a concern or question about safety or cleanliness of the pool, please contact our Summer Club Manager, Bill Woodcock, at and let him know.  He will take care of communicating with the lifeguards and with GNPM.