Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club at Wildwood

1933 Harpeth River Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 (615) 373-1033




To the Board of Directors,                                               Date: ________________

I hereby apply for a membership in the Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club at Wildwood, Inc. (BS&TC), a Tennessee General Welfare Corporation, and enclose a membership fee of ___________. Should I be accepted as a member, I agree to comply fully with the constitution of the Club and all rules and regulations issued there under applicable to all Club members.  Upon notice from BS&TC that this application has been accepted, I agree to begin paying dues at the rate approved by the Board of Directors (currently $660 (individual) per year or $990 (family) per year). These dues will be effective on my application date and prorated from the month I join. (For example, if I join at the end of May, I will only be billed dues June-December.)  I understand that my membership may be cancelled if my account becomes delinquent, and I also agree that I am obligated to pay dues through the end of the calendar year in which I terminate my membership. Initials: ___________



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