Pro Shop

Stop by the Pro Shop anytime for soft goods and drinks. If you need to order a racquet, we will be happy to assist you. You may purchase balls and racquet accessories during Pro Shop hours. All items can be billed to your account if you have set up a bank auto draft. We offer racquet restringing and can re-grip your racquet for you while you wait.

Pro Shop hours vary. During the summer months, we open at 9:00 am and close at 9:00 pm. We may step out during the day, so if you have questions and we are not in, please go to the information desk at the pool for assistance (during summer months) or leave us a message at (615) 373-1033, and we will call you when we return.

Kids can borrow racquets for play from us or at the Pool Desk.

Remember, no court use without court shoes. No flip-flops, sandals, or bare feet are allowed on courts. Also a reminder, no food is allowed on the courts at any time. Water and sports drinks are allowed. Play safe and have fun!

Alu Big Banner $35.00
Control $35.00
Synthetic Gut $30.00

Tennis Balls $3.50
Grips $2.00

All prices include Tennessee State Sales Tax.

Racket Stringing


This is a high quality string for superior playability. It is a highly responsive string demanded and comes in 16 and 17gauge. It greatly helps in the prevention of elbow pain but is not very durable.


This is the string for big hitters; it is very durable and increases the bite on the ball. Used by most the top touring Pros it is the number 1 choice on tour.


Great balance of playability and durability demanded by all court players and hard hitters. This is a good string for all levels of play and comes in 16 gauge.



A new grip will improve the playability of your racquet better than any other improvement. Choose from a replacement grip or a pack of 3 over-grips for quick convenience.

NOTE: The tighter you string a racket the more control you have; the looser you string a racket the more power you have.