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Summer 2019 Session

This session runs from May 28 – July 12

JUNIOR TEAMS:    MONDAY                  Younger players just getting started or

                                 TUESDAY                having not played at all. Beginner to

                                 WEDNESDAY          intermediate, able to rally a few balls

                                 THURSDAY             but not ready for competitive match

                                  FRIDAY                    play yet.


6 and under             10:30   -   11:15am

7 – 8 year olds        10:30   -   11:30am 

9 – 10 year olds      12:00   -   1:00pm              

11 and up                 11:30   -     1:00pm   


COST:                       6 and under             $200 for session or $9 per class

                                  7 - 8 / 9 - 10              $250 for session or $12 per class

                                  11 and up                 $325 per session or $18 per class


The session prices are heavily discounted off the daily class fee, must be paid in advance, and are non- refundable if you do not show up.


Pro fed drills, rallying, and cooperative games. Emphasis on learning proper stroke technique, and fun games to encourage enjoyment of the game from a young age. All strokes will be built from the ground up with the goal to get these children rallying, serving, and playing matches.


Since we encourage everyone to come try tennis in these groups, and allow drop ins, group size can vary day to day. We will have many helpers for all the morning groups. All of our helpers play on high school or college tennis teams and are there to make sure your child has a fun learning experience with tennis.


We coordinate all our tennis classes around the swim team practices and schedule so there is no problem doing both swim team and tennis classes. For more information on the swim team please contact Brenda Vroon or look on our website at


All of our summer tennis clinics are on a daily basis. Please feel free to join us for just one day a week or for every day. If you miss a week just join us again when it fits your schedule. You will be charged just for the days you play. If you know you will be here for the whole summer than take advantage of the price break by signing up and paying for the whole session at the beginning. It is a substantial saving over daily fees.

Contact Andy Veal at for more information if needed. 


To receive weather updates please enroll in our weather service. Text  BSTCJUNIORS to the number 84483 and you will receive a text anytime we are rained out. Please bear in mind that we cannot predict the weather but can only tell you how it looks at that time.